Frustrated with GTT’s DSL service

Dear Editor,

Why is it, may I ask, that the GTT customer care representatives annoy us with the meaningless introduction, “Thank you for choosing GTT?” Does it really make sense? Does the customer have a choice? And if he did have that choice would he have actually chosen the abysmally poor service being provided by that company? It is absolutely annoying an introduction and I suggest that it be dispensed with forthwith.

Like other frustrated customers, I have been experiencing woes since the end of last year with my DSL service. At one point I was told that my router was at fault and then I was told that the modem was the problem. I actually bought a new wireless modem from the company for $9000 odd. It did not work. When I took it back to the company I was told that I had received a modem with the “wrong platform”. I refused to accept the offer to rectify that and requested a refund. When I took the modem that I was using before, to the company’s BV outlet, I was told that nothing was actually wrong with it. The technicians eventually informed me that the problem resulted from deterioration in the service line and that line problem had no mandatory time scheduled for rectification. Eventually, service was restored. This restored service lasted for just a few weeks. I am again without the DSL service and all of my work that requires that service is therefore interrupted. I therefore must again go through the drudgery of calling, listening to that meaningless expression, and being told no definite word could be given on when my agony shall be abated

 I am currently contemplating, as a last resort, turning to the Public Utilities Commission for help.

The contention that customers are given a rebate for the period that the service was not provided is no consolation. It cannot compensate for the loss that results from the lack of service and the fact that in order to stay in touch with the world, I have to resort to purchasing weekly plans and data bundles, from Digicel. I continue to pray for the day that the government will stop pussyfooting and give Guyanese the right to choose from competing companies with much better service.

Yours faithfully,

Deon Abrams

Educator and Community Activist

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