LGBT persons are brothers and sisters and must be respected as such

Dear Editor,

The headline in the June 2nd edition of Stabroek News reads:  “‘You can’t have a right to do what is wrong’ -Georgetown Ministers object to gay pride march, equal rights for all”.

I would like to disassociate myself from that headline as I am a Georgetown Minister and ask that the newspaper be more responsible in its reporting. (They do report in the article that it was “a group of George-town ministers.”)

I would also like to offer the personal opinion that these ministers seem to have missed the big issue which is involved which is the issue of human dignity.  So government, in granting permission for the parade, has taken the lead when these ministers have failed in Christian leadership.  The point is that LGBT persons are brothers and sisters, and must be respected as such. 

I welcome the fact that the society in Guyana  is, if somewhat belatedly, beginning to deal with reality, and hope and pray that the conversations which will now take place will lead to a more Christian and inclusive society where all our brothers and sisters have a place and are treated with dignity.

Yours faithfully,

(The Rev. Canon) Thurston


Christ Church Vicarage

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