THAG magazine informative

Dear Editor,

I have followed the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) via their informative magazine from the inception which is over a decade now and I have to keep giving them the thumbs up for the brilliant work in producing the best magazine as a marketing tool for Guyana’s Tourism Sector.

As for their cover designs over the years, they have never lost their sense of direction and are second to none.

Having absolutely no affiliation with Iwokrama, I was never fortunate to make a visit, but only viewing pictures and reading of it. I always felt that it will someday make the cover design of the THAG’s magazine. Perhaps some consideration could be given and hopefully one day it will become a reality. I believe it is a little way behind in becoming a household name as one of Guyana’s major tourist destinations.

I do look forward for the continued relationship I have with that office in supplying me on an annual basis with a small quota of magazines which are shared with overseas counterparts and a couple of locals.

Yours faithfully,

T. Pemberton

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