City council committed to desilting Rasville drains

Dear Editor,

Yesterday morning at 11:30 hrs the Mayor and City Council met with members of a special committee from Rasville and discussed the felt needs and the concerns of the residents of that local community. Committee members representing residents shared their concerns about the poor drainage of the community, inadequate lighting, and the resurfacing of roads to allow for more economic and other activities in the neighbourhood.

The Council has committed itself to desilt the main canals and secondary drains within the community, and to help wherever practical with repairs to the roads. Also, the Council has agreed to assist with mobilizing resources and organizing residents to do community work including weeding and cleaning of parapets and other thoroughfares, removal of garbage and other rubbish from sections of the community which continue to compromise the health and well-being of the residents of the community.

A team from the Council will visit the area to talk with residents and to solicit their cooperation with planned activities.

Yours faithfully,

Debra Lewis

Public Relations Officer

Mayor and City Council

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