Gov’t must reply to Christian community over gay pride parade

Dear Editor,

The Government of Guyana must respond to the questions of the Christian community who wanted to know why the Government did not stop the gay pride parade.  The Christians in the National Library on Friday 1 June, 2018 made a legitimate call for answers and especially as they claim to represent 60% of the electorate, this is no minor constituency. It wasn’t clear from the reports if the representatives of the Christian community had sought meetings with the people they voted into power.

This large representative has been kind to the Government and has not had any other demands on say things like the oil deals, or the salary increases for Ministers, or for problems in the justice system. They only demand answers from the Government on the stopping of the gay agenda.

Many prominent Christian leaders appealed to Donald Trump for light. It is this vacuum of good governance which means that people have to turn elsewhere for light. Surely President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo can step into the vacuum, with other Christian members of the Cabinet and explain why they did not stop the gay pride parade. 

The Government should hold a meeting, maybe even like in 2001, a fasting and prayer meeting which the community held with President Jagdeo and Ms Janet Jagan to stop the “sexual orientation “ constitutional amendment from going through,  with the pastors and explain the reasons. That would provide guidance to especially the Christian public servants and supporters about understanding what a modern democratic society looks like.

Yours faithfully,

Vidyaratha Kissoon

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