Schoolboy beaten, robbed at Stabroek Market

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to warn tourists and visitors to Georgetown to avoid the Stabroek Market because recently I witnessed a schoolboy in his uniform who was waiting for the bus to go home  who was brutally beaten and robbed of his cell phone.

Editor, although the school boy was bloody and bleeding, he ran behind the perpetrator screaming: ”Stop him!, help.”

His cry for help was deafening, but his words fell on deaf ears.

At 3 p.m., the Stabroek Market Square is the busiest.

And yet, the thief ran freely by countless people, vendors, taxi and bus drivers, traffic policemen and a policewoman.

He ran by countless people in front of Demico House, the Timehri and Linden Bus Park where over 100 people were standing.

As the lad was running to catch the thief, a car almost hit him, but this  didn’t deter him. He was determined to catch the thief. He was hoping that some Good Samaritan would hear his cry for help as they  saw the blood pouring down his face, would feel his pain and reach out to help him. But his hopes and cries went in vain.

Editor, no matter how much he screamed for help, none came.

At age 15, he learned a profound lesson about his fellow citizens and countrymen and women: He was alone and must fend for himself. He can’t depend upon anyone.  He learned that some people are heartless and uncompassionate.

Visitors and fellow citizens please don’t assume or believe  that because you’re surrounded by countless people that you are safe, wouldn’t get rob or that the citizenry will come to your aid, if you get rob.

Also, Editor, please tell people  don’t run behind a thief because they may be hit by a car. It’s not worth losing your life over a phone. 

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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