Caravan being allowed to sell on Stabroek Market tarmac despite council edict

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City Council had made it clear that no vending or other related business will be allowed on the tarmac in front of the Stabroek Market. Lo and behold a caravan is now on that tarmac day and night selling various cooked food products. The Stabroek Market Constabulary is very concerned about this development but they are afraid to remove them since it is obvious that the persons there have the blessing of the City Hall hierarchy. It is my belief that the owner of that business could be found among the power brokers at City Hall.  Aside from the Stabroek market tarmac, the same can be said of Roxanne Burnham playfield, people are just fronting for them.  As a certain Mayor likes to say “Selling on Stabroek market tarmac is a No No”. May God help the small vendors.    

Yours faithfully,

Eon Andrews 


Guyana Market Vendors Union 

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