Building a house is like being on an emotional rollercoaster

Dear Editor,

It’s all well and good to dream of building a house. It all seems so easy.

While building a new house is an exciting endeavour, you can become very  overwhelmed.

You’ll have to make countless decisions (all of which will feel monumental at time) and work with an assortment of dishonest characters, all having faith that the end product will live up to your expectations.

Before building a house, you must count the cost because the contractor will lie to you. If he tells you 20 million dollars to build, it’ll be twice as much. 

Building a house is like being on an emotional roller coaster; there are many different emotional stresses and ups and downs.

Editor, there are times I feel like giving up. Countless days I feel discouraged, depressed, fatigued , tired and alone.

At nights, I worried about thieves stealing the materials.

At daylight, I worried about if GPL coming to install the  electricity.

At noon, I worried about the government officials coming to harass me.

And all day long, I worried about running out of money. One of the largest sources of stress during building is caused by financial worries: Will I have enough money to finish the building, where I can get money from, how I can get money, when I’ll get more money.

One of the hardest thing to deal with  in building is running out of money.

It leads to delay in construction, which leads to stress, anxiety and depression.

Building a house is one of the most stressful and hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

There are countless decisions to make, and sometimes I get frozen with fear that I’ll make the wrong ones. It can be paralyzing.

I don’t recommend building alone, get a group of people to help you. It’ll be less stressful.

Building a house can be time consuming and a full time job. It  requires 24 hours of security to protect your property and building materials.

Editor, I close with some positive experiences from building.

For example, Guyana Water Incorporated provided me with water in less than two weeks. (I wish that the GPL) can do the same and provide me with temporary electricity).

I truly believe that the head of GWI is definitely doing an outstanding job.

I also had a good experience shopping at Gafoors. They provide excellent customer support, and they are very honest. Of all the hardware stores I shopped at, I found them to be the most honest. If I buy a pound of nails, I will not get less than a pound.    

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)

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