The ‘Carnival’ was ill conceived

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to support the condemnation appearing in SN’s columns of Tuesday, June 5th, of the vacuity that was wantonly labelled as ‘Carnival’, albeit from a more nationalistic perspective.

The ‘Carnival’ so called was ill conceived by those who clearly hold no sense of Guyanese history, and while for some it may have been colourful, the projection to others was one of substantive superficiality.

It was a presentation that exposed the naked ignorance of our historical Guyanese culture, as the former revelled in the mimicry of other more authentic celebrations elsewhere.

The ribald pretence would have earned little respect from mature observers, particularly foreigners who know better, of what is more reflective of our Guyana.

So as my colleague proffered, we should return to our Mashramani, but replay it in a much more positive, uplifting, educational and co-cultural display of our various legitimate traditions, and with less of the gyrations, which particularly only earn disrespect.

Instead of the amassed dissipation of physical energies we should aim at uplifting the quality of life by seeking to reflect the nobility of the spirit.

Yours faithfully,
E.B. John

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