Mr Harbhajan’s stance on corruption should be applauded

Dear Editor,

I have now become greatly heartened that someone from the Coalition Government is willing to support the exposure and fight against corruption in this corruption infested Region.

Mr Gobin Harbhajan stands out as a beacon of honesty and truth within the AFC and has done more for the people of Region 6 even when compared with his employer.

Mr Harbhajan’s stance on corruption should be applauded since no one in any government has ever ventured out to support allegations of corruption against their own. I could recall many instances of allegations of corruption being denied and investigations discontinued.

It was historic to read that Mr Harbhajan actually stood up at the RDC Statutory meeting and vowed that he will never support corruption regardless of which political party is involved. This was what he said: “I don’t care which political party this contractor supports, I want this matter to be raised at the highest level; and if found guilty, he should receive the full penalty of the law; because we have been talking about corruption, now we actually have the proof”.  This is how our politicians must react, with clear unambiguous statements.

I congratulate Mr Harbhajan on this unconventional approach to corruption.

Yours faithfully,

Rohit Persaud

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