The Bible does condemn homosexuals

Dear Editor,

It is with a painful surprise that we read in a letter from Rev. Patricia Sheerattan Bisnauth that the Bible is not to be used to condemn people it otherwise describes as odious sinners. Homosexuals.

There is the Paul in Romans 1 2.6 –There is Corinthians 6.9-10 and a verse in Timothy. There is the narrative of Sodom and Gomorrah and other references in the Old Testament.

We are asked to believe that Christians and others that have any connection with the book of the Christians should not interpret and read these texts with the intention that was originally behind them and with the exegetics that was traditionally retained by scholars of that faith and of the Jewish religion.

The divine is to be understood to be saying “let me show you a light…” and that buggery is good.

There was the Rev Canon Thurston Riehl a day or two earlier wishing that his faith become more inclusive of  “all”.  By which I take it he means the other species of sexual deviants. There is Dr Mark Devonish who has seen the light and wants us to bend on our knees to ask for forgiveness and extend sympathy and support to the LGBT sufferers.

There is the false statistic that one in ten Guyanese are homosexual. A factoid once proclaimed by Kinsey and long since thrown in the bin. The latter surveys from the UK suggest a mere one percent so suffering.

In a comment I wrote in response to a facebook call for us to be loving to the rest, I got what was intended to be  rebuke  about us being concerned with the paedophiles among us.

Of course we are concerned. What is us..? Guyanese, Muslims, Caribbean people, humans. Heterosexuals..? A lawyer cannot plead in the assizes that the courts as organs of the society have no right to condemn and try his client because there are so many thieves and drug addicts among them.

Afghanistan takes its grotesqueries to the point of tolerating, amid the fake misogyny, an open homosexual culture that encourages mentoring of young boys.  None of  “us” could be quoted calling for understand of this peculiarity. It is a natural expression of  homophilia and noted in all cultures in which homosexuality is tolerated or celebrated.

We have, unfortunately, started to see cases of bearing false witness, claiming the Almighty who we are to believe made the error of creating man different from woman, did not express himself  clearly in either the Old or New testaments and that he is supportive of SASOD and the other iniquities that parade themselves before us in these latter times.

I read of another man of the cloth, I think it was, stating that his faith dictates that he free his mind of anti-SASOD sentiment.

The number of those among us who have declared sympathy for this cause astonishes; Offhand I seem to recall Lincoln Lewis, Ralph Ramkarran, GHK Lall, Freddie Kissoon and the AFC hierarchy (falsely calculating they will increase their votes by 10%).

Burnham is supposed to have named one as Minister of government. But the age and stage of modern day Guyanese sympathizers help one understand how it is that we are where we are today.

Yours faithfully,

Abu Bakr

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