We should leave Queen Victoria’s statue where it is

Dear Editor,

Since Independence in 1966, did Guyana ever stand on its own without returning to the British Government for any assistance of any kind?

Would it have been better if President David Granger had turned down the invitation to the recent Commonwealth meeting and visit to the Queen of England?

Should Guyana sever ties with England and have the British High Commission removed from the soil?

I just read a SN letter, from one Gerald A. Perreira captioned ‘Statue of Queen Victoria should be removed,’ dated 7 June, 2018.

I do respect the writer’s point, but I will not join in support in anyway to have the historical statue removed from its current location. Having no affiliation with ACDA, Guyana Rastafari Council, Indian Action Committee, Amerindian People’s Association or the OVP (Organisation for the Victory of the People), I understand that it is their respective right if they choose to support this appeal by the writer, but from a tourism perspective, we should be very careful with our decision.

I ask the writer this very simple question. The late President L.F.S Burnham, did he make a clean slate during his governance of Guyana?

Yours faithfully,

T. Pemberton

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