Project at Three Friends has been undertaken by all parties in a professional manner

Dear Editor,

Samaroo Investment wishes to respond to Mr. Juan Edghill’s statement as contained in the SN report of June 4th `Consultancy firm on Three Friends project had been advanced $15m by contractor’.

Samaroo Investment has known the consultant in a professional capacity due to previous design works the consultant undertook for us back in 2015. There is no further dependence beyond contractual and professional responsibilities.

The letter of credit in question, was issued in January 2017 to support a design-build job, which would have involved both companies participating in their respective professional capacities. This letter of credit became null and void by May/June 2017, when the tenders for the Three Friends pump station were advertised. The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) has also recently confirmed that there was no financial requirement under their tender and the letter of credit was not part of the evaluation of the bids.

A letter of credit is not an advance or an intention to advance any payments.

Our company does not offer financial support to sustain the consultant or any other company as is purported.

The project at Three Friends has been undertaken by all parties involved in a professional manner; not necessarily harmonious, as there have been several conflicts and disagreements. The project will stand up to any scrutiny and the public should be aware that these projects are audited by the Auditor General’s office. In the past we have had absolutely no issues with auditing of our projects and we are confident, the Three Friends pump station will be the same.

Our relationship with NDIA staff is strictly professional and all parties are guided by the roles and responsibilities through our contractual relationship.

Yours faithfully

Doodnauth Samaroo

General Manager