Breach of investment agreement by MovieTowne contractor requires detailed probe and answers

Dear Editor,

First off let me correct Mr Dereck Chin, the Government did not build my road, we took a dam, and build it into what it is now, at a cost of over $400,000,000 of our own money, this includes, sidewalk, drainage, and street lighting along with bus shed. Our Government was kind enough to apply a thin asphalt top on our finished road. Mr Eddie Boyer whose housing development has fought and won the rights to make full use of our roadway access, instead of developing his own, knows better and should have advised him so. Also for Mr Chin’s information, roads, sewerage, fiber optic cables, sanitation and all amenities have been paid for and to date are being maintained by Giftland and we are not harassing the Government for services that would put a strain on our already overtaxed infrastructure. Mr Chin as an overseas-based Guyanese  should be cognizant of these facts.

Recent disclosures have raised many questions which would be enlightening to have answers to.

1-   GRA has stated that there was a breach of the China Harbour contract and they have misused their concessions and duty-free equipment to supply these to MovieTowne. Isn’t this fraud on the Government, if concessions were granted for the Timehri airport then how can the materials and equipment end up at MovieTowne? It is in the public’s interest to have a detailed list of these and what fines are being levied for this transgression. Was MovieTowne aware of this arrangement? A thorough investigation by the CID is required here to determine intent.

2- Mr Statia mentions that equipment that was used illegally on MovieTowne would  be paid for  after MovieTowne opens. Can Mr Statia share with us how this will be done, having paid all my duty and VAT upfront and now finding that there was fraud to supply MovieTowne, I would be very interested to know what fines are being levied, as it now stands MovieTowne is getting credit on duties and VAT which we paid up front.

3- Mr Statia mentions that “equipment“ was used by China Harbour on the MovieTowne project, he does not mention materials, having paid hefty duties and VAT on all my imports not related to the Cinema component, I would be grateful for the proof that cement, steel, escalators, elevators, glass, shop fronts, doors, washroom , electrical, plumbing and all other items which we paid duty for including our generation sets were equally duty-paid by China Harbour and MovieTowne. As it appears that China Harbour worked at that time period  with inbuilt duty free concessions, it would be reasonable to surmise that this would have applied to these other items as well, having shown that they had already done this with “equipment for MovieTowne”

The Giftland Group is open for competition of whatever kind as long as the playing field remains level, this is all we are requesting.

 Yours faithfully,

Roy Beepat


Giftland Group

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