More sport associations should speak out and send back the `frek’

Dear Editor,

I welcome the recent revolution in the sport arena of Guyana and hope it catches on.

First Mr. Nigel Hinds of the Guyana Basketball Federation was brave enough to pen an eye-opening letter to the media where he exposed the tardiness of government as it relates to assisting sport associations.

Then, as a follow up, Hinds gracefully manoeuvred away from a flimsy “frek” offered by the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA).  In fact, the basketball president may be the first in Guyana to publicly refuse money from the GOA.

Next came boxing. Technical Director of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association Terrence Poole publicly vented his frustration (and maybe that of many others) when he declared that sporting associations and athletes are “fed up” with congratulations and photo opportunities and need something tangible from the Government.

In response to Poole, the Minister with responsibility for sport Dr. George Norton, apparently just out of a stupor, magnified the fact that he is,  or maybe never was in the game by stating that government assists associations by granting tax waivers.  

This is the same government that couldn’t assist our national cyclist Beyonce Ross when she was in need of medical help, but raced to assist with her burial.

We all know of the words being spoken behind closed doors concerning sport and its obvious lack of support and the ad hoc way in which the National Sports Commission hands out support to private promoters while national associations are treated poorly.

The Guyana Olympic Association does not escape without blame as it too has its favoured few who get showered with support.  Boxing and

Basketball have already spoken out. These are sport disciplines with predominantly Afro-Guyanese athletes.  I would say no more but hope that the stage has been set and executives of other associations would find the intestinal fortitude to stand up, speak out and send back the “frek” if there is need to.

Yours faithfully,

R. Trim

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