K&P will refund Region Six for the bulldozer

Dear Editor,

I write responding to the letter in your Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Letter Column under the heading `Region Six REO should be sanctioned over bulldozer scandal’. The author of the letter is identified as Mr. Haseef Yusuf- RDC Councillor Region #6.

The first paragraph in the letter stated “that an old decrepit bulldozer (was) precariously perched outside of the RDC Compound”. This kind of language is deliberately used to influence the public’s perception negatively.

I do wish to inform Mr. Yusuf as well as any other stakeholder that the bulldozer was manufactured in 2002 and cannot be considered as junk or decrepit. Mr. Yusuf did not have access to this information neither is he competent in this field to make a pronouncement. We have had this equipment examined by MACORP who is the authorized dealer for Caterpillar equipment in Guyana. They have found that there was need for minor repairs and replacements. The impression that the equipment is decrepit is not evident and cannot stand.

It should be noted that the equipment was sold with a one-year service warranty that would have been executed by MACORP.    

I had previously responded to an article written by Bebi Oosman in Stabroek News where it was stated and is still being stated now.

In paragraph one it was stated that the bulldozer was handed over to the Region Six Council in January, 2018. This is factually incorrect. The bulldozer was delivered in December, 2017 to the Council.

It was stated in paragraph two that the supplier supplied the wrong type of bulldozer and a used one. Be informed that the contract was for a used bulldozer and not a new one as mentioned.  

It was mentioned in paragraph three that the bulldozer arrived partially covered in mud and was a used one. This seeks to give the impression that the bulldozer had been used. Be informed that the bulldozer had mud on its tracks since the rain fell that day and in order for the bulldozer to be loaded onto the truck for transportation, a mud mount was used for loading in Georgetown as well as in New Amsterdam for its dismount. 

The company wishes to state that it submitted a bid to the National Tender Board for the supply of a D3 Caterpillar Bulldozer. It was the only bidder. The bidding was not done at the regional level as was stated in the media previously. The supplier was unable to source the specified bulldozer. The company admits that it erred in not seeking the approval to have the specification amended. It thought that because the D4 specification was above the required one, it would have been accepted. It regrets this lack of proper judgement in this regard.

We were committed to supply the specification and were in the process of acquiring same, but we are not confident that we would be treated fairly. This perception is based on the bias in this matter and our perception of unfair treatment. We are therefore in the process of refunding the sums collected as payment for this equipment. We would however keep our commitment to continue to contribute to the country’s development.

Yours faithfully,

Terry Thomas

Managing Director

K&P Project Management Co.

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