Region Two Environmental Health Assistants need to provide efficient service

Dear Editor,

The Public Health Department in Region Two is shirking its responsibility of taking legal action by prosecuting land owners whose residential plots in many parts of the district are infested with overgrown bushes.

From all appearances, the alarmingly disgraceful and ugly sights – “eyesores” – look really bad and the Regional Administration is not showing any concern or interest in these deplorable conditions.

In the years gone by, with only a few Public Health Inspectors (as they were referred to then), in the area, prompt action was taken for any such breach to ensure a clean safe and healthy environment. Monetary penalties were imposed to serve as a deterrent.

Even with the limited workforce, they always demonstrated a high level of dedication by making regular visits to home owners to observe and provide advice for improvements on sanitation issues. Where necessary, spraying was done with drugs like DDT and other chemicals, in their presence, much to the satisfaction of the residents.

But nowadays, with a significant increase in staffing with Environmental Health Assistants, as they are now designated, attached to each and every NDC in the district, their role in being of service to the community remains dormant and leaves much to be desired.

My location falls under the control of the Riverstown/Annandale NDC, and as a matter of fact, it is never ever possible to reach any health worker there, and it was no different when I raised my concern in a matter at the last statutory meeting of the council.

Just in front of my Suddie home, on the other side of the public road, there is a mini forest, ideally suited as a haven for criminals, and surprisingly nothing is being done about it. As a result of direct administrative neglect, many more locations are faced with similar situations which never existed before, and they are going from bad to worse all the time.

Tremendous improvement in the community can be achieved by the Environmental Health Assistants providing an efficient service, which should be their priority and not just reporting for duty for a salary.

Yours faithfully,

Baliram Persaud

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