Time has come for a new breed of everything

Dear Editor,

The recent  and well-publicized  controversy regarding  a student  wearing  an indigenous  outfit  to a school and being told no, resulted in numerous  reactions  and  protests. I was most intrigued  by one comment  from  a protestor  who said , “everybody  think buck people  stupid, but this is  a new breed of buck people .” This statement spoke  to the  widespread  discrimination  of a people that  were long associated  with  stupidity  because  of  traditions  and culture.

I   believe  the  time  has come  to  engage  with  a  new breed  of everything.

To address lack of transparency  and accountability, let  us begin with  a new  breed  of politicians that subscribe  to  a spirit  of  national  unity when debating public  policies that benefit  all Guyanese. Besides, the minister  of cohesion should  be a key stakeholder in all facets of government decision making including use of oil revenues.

Let us address domestic violence  and  abuses by having    a  new breed  of  husbands  and fathers  that see their  fundamental  duty  is to respect  their  wives  and provide  and protect  their  families. Likewise,  a new breed  of  wives and mothers  to preserve their  husbands’ dignity    as the heads  of  the  households, and support  their  families by being  active members   in their communities including  looking  out  for  children  other  than  their  own.

Let us address the need for a hopeful future with new breed of youths that have dreams  of  putting  their   country  in the  forefront  of  innovation  and  sense  of collaboration  for  a  better  tomorrow. Moreover, they should  have  their  say in policymaking  at every  level.

Let us protect  freedom  of  speech  with  a new breed of journalists  that seek to  report  the truth  in a  fair  and  balanced  way.

For my indigenous  friend  keeping  the  fire burning!

Yours faithfully,

Keith Bernard   

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