Hard working magistrates should be promoted to the high court

Dear Editor,

I am kindly asking you to please publish this letter since I feel very sad for our hard working Magistrates who preside over some of the most technical and complicated cases and have done themselves and the judiciary proud but are not promoted  to the High Court as often when vacancies arises.

 Magistrate Reynolds  who  sat on the  East Coast was promoted to the position of a judge  and about three years ago a former Chief Magistrate had the honour of moving on to the High Court as a Judge and both of them have been doing a fantastic job on the bench of the High Court..

The Judicial Service Commission must exercise fairness when promoting persons to the High Court because.it must be very frustrating to the present Magistrates that others are promoted before them

Mr Arthur Chung, a (former President of Guyana), Mr Ivan Churaman, the brother of Maurice Churaman,  Mr Aubrey Bishop, Mr Kenneth George, Mr Charles Fung-A-Fat,  Mr G A S Van Sertima are some of the outstanding Magistrates who served the Magistracy with distinction  before being promoted to  the High Court -and I have no doubt that the present Magistrates will do very well  in the High Court if promoted not forgetting Officers from the DPP’s Office such as the Chief Justice (ag) and Ms Barlow are good judges to emulate, their decisions are always sound and most times correct.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Fraser

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