Chinese medical brigade is a wonderful initiative

Dear Editor,

I read with much interest  that the Thirteenth Chinese Medical Brigade had completed its mission and was being commended for its continued service to Guyana. To my knowledge, the medical brigade would have helped tens of thousands of Guyanese over the decades during its operations in Guyana. The Chinese medical brigade would have provided doctors and also medicine and expensive equipment which many Third World nations like Guyana cannot afford. This was and continues to be a great initiative conducted by one of the most advanced economies in the world, China.

As a patriot and investor in Guyana, I believe our partnership with our Chinese friends has proven to be fruitful. The countless scholarship opportunities for our young people in areas of agriculture, medicine, architecture, engineering, administration have advanced our educational infrastructure to produce professionals which competently serve our public and private sectors locally. Periodically, Chinese corporations would even sponsor visits of youths from Guyana and other Third World Nations to China in order to open their understanding of the Chinese civilization. My own son, Dr. Rosh Khan went to one such conference last year and this trip changed his entire perspective on life, technology and the world. The Republic of China has proven to be givers globally, whether it entails providing peacekeepers for missions in the Middle East or funding a crisis relief project, the record is there to validate their contributions to Guyana and the rest of the world.

Several signed agreements between Governments and foreign Chinese businesses would have resuscitated our dying economy in many instances, re: In 2008, during the global economic crisis was taking place, foreign direct investments, commerce and trade with China helped to keep Guyana afloat along with several other key sectors. Currently in our economy, the Chinese supply affordable building materials, clothing and food at competitive prices which have allowed all classes of our society greater spending power. The Chinese in retrospect have liberated our local market.

Globally, the Chinese are known to be military strategists, scholars, scientists, philosophers, inventors, doctors, farmers etc. A key hallmark of its civilization has been to protect its land but never invade or harm foreigners or their land. Their philosophy has remained peace and harmony. Having visited China twice before, it is still not enough to learn of the great history, magnificence and the contribution of their people.

The image of China is becoming like that of a Sci-Fi fantasy, having been to the Shanghai Expo, Guang Hazhou, Hebei and other parts of New and Old Beijing and seeing the contrast between the old and the new. I recall one night I was invited to participate in a Folk Dance and Culture Evening. This inspired me to advise the Guyanese Government to open the Botanical Gardens daily, decorate it with lights and allow musicians and artists to display their decent, creative work.

The plan would be to encourage persons after work, between the hours of six and nine to go out and have clean fun; to celebrate our pluralistic society and that rich culture which encapsulates our identity. Of course, no alcohol and no loose behaviour. That night I was marching with them and dancing Indian style as we celebrated their tradition.

I, Roshan Khan, wish to commend the Chinese populace for the great example they continue to be to the world, historically and even contemporarily. I wish to encourage Guyanese going on holidays to visit the three gorges on the Yang-Tsi River Cruise, to look at the standard of living of these people and even to see the agricultural process of some peasant farmers.

Welcome to Guyana, 14th Chinese Medical Brigade, the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Government. We should recognize also, that they have one of the largest technological firms, Huawei, and it would be amazing if this company can partner with some youths to take Guyana to the next level. I even wish to add that we should partner with the Chinese in forsaken areas and to make access to medical treatment easier in the interior. Guyana will soon become a greater tourist attraction and so, investing in resorts and play parks will see great profits, the Chinese industrialists could play a significant role in its design and construction.

The Chinese food which we all have come to love is not only about delicacy and consumption but when you study the style of their cooking and the art, you will realize that it is much more.

It is also known that their talent in the performing arts is extraordinary as compared to any other country in the entire world. When their culture groups visit Guyana, maybe once every ten years and they showcase their acrobatic skills, historic dances and songs, it is something that dazzles me. I can hardly wait for another visit by the Chinese people, so much so that when I visited China, I went to a historic theater to witness various performances of which I acquired DVDs to bring home to show people the advancement of the Chinese and why they are such an advanced nation. Their humanity is so deep, and their discipline is amazing. Thank you China!

Yours faithfully,

Roshan Khan Snr.

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