There should be a national donation website

Dear Editor,

I was in Guyana last week for two ‘back to back’ events; a donation of books, equipment and supplies to the University of Guyana Library on Thursday June 21 and a Full Court sitting on Friday June 22, to honour the memory of my late father Judge Mohamed Shahabuddeen, O.E., S.C.

I thank Chancellor Yonette Cummings-Edwards, O.R. and Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire C.C.H., S.C., for arranging and convening what was a solemn, fitting and magnificent Full Court sitting to pay tribute to Judge Shahabuddeen. I also thank Attorney General Basil Williams S.C., former Attorney General Charles Ramson S.C. and retired Chief Parliamentary Counsel Mr. Cecil Dhurjon SC for their presentations in Court.

To quote briefly from an extract from my father’s writings, which I read at the Full Court sitting: “At home, both Governments have supported me. I am grateful to them and our people for the opportunity to serve.”

In my talk, at the UG event, I proposed a national donation website. I think the idea has merit so – to raise consciousness and stimulate discussion and action – I am including this video link to the talk I gave:

At the UG ceremony, I was told that equipment is what is really needed. As such, anyone who would like to contribute should contact the UG library and request its “Needs list”. Naturally, no one would be expected to donate all the equipment needed.  However, any donation of needed equipment would be appreciated. Donors need not be Guyanese only.

Yours faithfully,

Sieyf Shahabuddeen

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