West Indies management should seek help or resign

Dear Editor,

Sri Lanka on their tour of the West Indies lost the First Test match, came from behind to be in a dominant position when the Second was drawn, and won the Third. In England, on June 28, the A team, in a one-day match, was beaten by nine wickets, with the lone wicket falling via the run-out route.

Management was able to select the teams for these games from the players they found were the right ones to represent the region. It is difficult to argue that West Indies’ teams are capable of competing with the eight best teams in the game.

In a rational world, such a state of affairs must be seen as a failure of management, which must therefore seek help or resign.

I fear that current management has been persuaded that more formal education of players is the best path to success. I think that is a grave error. If education were the key to success in international cricket all the major cricketing countries would select their squads from their universities.

There are times when those in charge must hand over all or part of what they control to others.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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