A word to Guyanese writers

Dear Editor,

As a writer myself, I would naively assume that writers are best at writing, while leaving the politicking to politicians. Apparently, this word had not gotten out to our Guyanese writers, at home or abroad, so unless the motives are possibly, to garner greater attention to themselves and book sales, or testing the political waters, this series of vitriolic letters, in the local newspapers, ought to end as quickly as it started, since it would eventually, show a seamier side to the self-righteous protestations of its writers.

The strong suit of all writers is to write, and hopefully, write good stories. This feat can best be accomplished whether one is living in a Trump Towers penthouse, on Manhattan, NY, or in a lean-to in Plastic City, WCD. If one is writing for a target audience, the reception and sales will be much different than if one is writing for a universal audience. Of course, consideration must be paid to the quality of work and capital invested, with the hope of turning a profit, through book sales, and that is as sure a venture as buying a lottery ticket.

The point I am trying to make here is, faux pax by Hon. Minister, Dr. George Norton, to the contrary, writers should seek a loftier means of getting their point across, if the objective is to have a well-respected and organized Guyana Prize for Literature.

Hon. Minister, Dr. George Norton must have realized by now, that getting a consensus from writers is like a small puppy trying to follow two small boys running in opposite directions, at the same time.

To him I say, best of luck.

Yours faithfully,

Albert R. Cumberbatch, Ph. D



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