Can we have the potholes fixed on 18th St, Diamond, EBD?

The potholes along 18th Street, Diamond, EBD

Dear Editor,

It is very frustrating living at the last four corner of 18th Street, Diamond, East Bank Demerara and hearing the screeching, scraping, grazing, banging, thumping and swearing as drivers try to manoeuvre their way out from three dangerous potholes at the intersection. Another is quickly forming which may soon render the road unpassable.

These potholes are causing a great deal of damage to numerous vehicles, especially when they are full of water, as drivers cannot estimate the depth of the holes. Calls to the local NDC are answered with “you have to wait for dry weather”. It seems that we have to wait forever as we have ongoing rains for the past two years.

It is maddening that these holes, which were fixed in 2015, started reappearing months later, since they were not properly done. Yet we hear that another useless overhead bridge will soon be built in the area.

It is totally unfair to have buses unload their passengers and car drivers have to call for help to for a push, in addition to repairing dents to their vehicle. Residents have even tried to fill the holes with grass.

Will anybody in authority listen or does anybody care?

Yours faithfully,

Violette Hing

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