A lesson from the world cup on respect for women

Dear Editor,

Now that the Football World Cup is at the last breath, allow me to express my disappointment at the discrimination against women. I was appalled to read about four separate incidents in which women were discriminated against by boisterous men at the football world cup. In two cases male fans attempted to kiss the reporters. Julia Guimaraes from the Brazilian Globo TV had the courage to tell the fan off right on camera. She expressed her disapproval at disrespect towards women by men. This incident created an uproar in Brazil which was a catalyst for other women in the media to speak up by saying ‘Enough is enough.’ In another incident, a group of male fans surrounded a woman from another country and made her repeat bad words in the language she is not familiar with. This incident has taught women that they could be targets of discrimination and harassment by men with no respect for women. I was further alarmed that some men on social media criticized women for such kinds of incidents. I want to emphasize that respect for women begins at home. Men who disrespect other women most often do not respect women in their own family. In some cases, men might live on a false philosophy of ‘male superiority’.

I want us to think about how we treat women in our families and society.

This world cup also emphasized against discrimination based on race under the tagline ‘no to racism’. I am always thrilled to witness the football teams with such a diversity. The teams live by the mantra, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ or I would put it as ‘a truly united goal for a win.’ I am so happy to see team mates believing in each other’s ability and this belief makes a great team and most often unbeatable team.

Let us take these two lessons of respect for women and no to racism seriously and work towards a common goal. Let us remember we are born humans and we must die as humans. We are humans from the cradle to the grave.

Yours faithfully,

Jerri Melwin Dias  

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