This boat cruise should be investigated

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to complain about a boat cruise that was held on Sunday the 8th July 2018. The event was dubbed “Big people party”. This boat cruise was advertised as from Parika to Supenaam in Essequibo. The boat was scheduled to leave Parika at 9 am but left until 11 am. Patrons were not allowed to take food, water or any cooler on the boat.

The boat was packed to capacity. Food and drinks sold at exorbitant prices. One roti and curry sold for $1500. A small box with chicken sold for 1500. Worst of all, these foods were badly prepared and the chicken was half-raw. Toilet facilities were wholly inadequate. Most of us anticipated that we would get better things when the boat reached Supenaam. The boat never reached.  It is customary whenever there is a boat cruise to Supenaam, Essequibian vendors and entertainers would prepare to welcome especially first timers and overseas tourists. They would prepare food, drinks and musical entertainment. This was always part of what a boat cruise to Supenaam would be.   I can imagine the huge disappointment and losses they suffered.

But something was strange about this boat and it movements. The boat idled between Supenaam and Wakenaam for about 2 hours before heading back to Parika. The boat took a strange path and ended up on a sand bank. Another one and a half hours were spent there.

This situation should never happen again. T&HD must launch an investigation into this matter. The Ministry of Tourism and all the relevant authorities must review and impose reasonable regulations before any permission is given for future boat cruises.                                                                                   

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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