SN prejudiced against independent voices which expose truth and failures in national politics

Dear Editor,

I wish to ask the owners of Stabroek News to review the editorial policy of the current supervising editors and find that they have been prejudicial against a number of my letters, most recently my examination of selected banking system statistics (We have been lied to by the coalition administration, published in Kaieteur News).  Further, and more damaging to the national psyche, is that they allow a body of thinking established by PPP die-hards which deceptively continues to promote the PPP as a viable political organization.  Ramkarran and similar-minded individuals have apparently been granted special privileges as they continue in vain to address the myriad issues and problems of the moribund People’s Progressive Party.  To those of us who know better, these editors just bring the credibility and independence of Stabroek News into disrepute.

Mr. Ramkarran and those like him, had they been as objective as they are wont to be seen, would have long ago publicly acknowledged that the PPP has lost its credibility as a viable political entity representing Guyanese interests at the national level.  The PPP as a political organization has been stolen from its supporters by its current leadership.  A number of members of the party’s executive have been permanently stained by their association with at least one known drug runner wanted by the United States Government in the 2000s. This very same drug lord was sheltered by the PPP government, did business with them via state organs, and was only caught out of Guyana through coordinated intelligence efforts of the United States Government. 

Let Mr. Ramkarran point to any one of the members of the PPP’s executives who were elected to their posts by supporters. After in excess of fifty years in existence, very probably none.  In fact, everyone was hand-picked as a stooge, some lackey or family member.   This is why the PPP government carried on with its corruption and cared little or nothing about its supporters, bleeding rice farmers of their livelihoods and pauperizing sugar workers at the same time.   There are no independent voices on the PPP executive. All are under someone’s control when voting time comes around.  Everything is a setup.  

Instead of trying to negotiate with the impossibility of an independent executive under the current leadership, Mr. Ramkarran and people like him should be unflinching in their efforts to expose and remind Guyanese of the PPP’s transgressions and help Guyanese to move away from its gross and outright racist politics at election time.  PPP supporters should come to the realization that the days of Dr. Cheddi Jagan are long gone, and will forever remain only a memory to those who really knew him.

It is therefore preposterous and utter nonsense to have Stabroek News, one of the Guyana’s major newspapers, white-washing the PPP’s crimes with the propaganda of these PPP die-hards as if nothing happened. This kind of abuse of Stabroek News facilitated by their current editors needs to be stamped out immediately as this only fools those not quite familiar with what has transpired during the PPP’s terms in office, and perpetuates folly at our national elections.   Unfortunately it is not possible to ask these editors to correct their ways, because they have been like this for years, and will always continue to be prejudicial against independent voices which expose the truth and failures in our national politics.  Their simple, easily manipulated minds are not anything David de Caires would have tolerated had he been alive today. 

Yours faithfully,

Craig Sylvester

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