Nationalize Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor,

Why is Berbice being so severely discriminated against?

Our national government seems comfortable with building, maintaining and subsidizing the operation of a new Demerara River Bridge (reportedly, in addition to the existing Demerara River Bridge); commuters pay the paltry sum of $100 for a car to use the bridge while the same commuter, who pays the same taxes to the Government, has to pay virtually twenty times more to cross the Berbice River Bridge…..and now there are moves afoot to add insult to injury by a substantial increase in the fees to cross the Berbice Bridge.

Is it not time for our ‘national  government’ to simply assume full Ownership, Control and Management of the Berbice River Bridge and so relieve us Berbicians, who are the main users of the bridge, the heavy burden of yet another discriminatory charge to commute nationally, especially as most critical ‘national/civil services’ are located in the city of Georgetown?

Please, Mr President & Cabinet, do consider some equitable treatment for us Berbicians!

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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