Region Two continues to be affected by drug shortage

Dear Editor,

There continues to be a shortage of drugs and medical supplies at Public Health facilities in Region Two. This is a key matter of concern for the Regional Democratic Council of Region Two since public confidence in our region’s health system is at a low.

Many residents have been voicing frustrations and patients have the burden to procure certain medications that are unavailable at hospitals, health centres and health posts. It must be noted that this is happening at a time when the region’s economy is struggling.

Based on financial reports of the RDC; Region Two has budgeted in excess of $200M to procure drugs and medical supplies for the year 2018; residents are affected due to weaknesses in the procurement and supply systems.

It was also found that the Regional Health Officer and others in the leadership of the health programme are  not providing timely updates to the RDC on the situation.

The RDC of Region Two calls on the Minister of Public Health to urgently intervene to address this and other matters affecting health care delivery in Region Two. We invite our Minister of Public Health to meaningfully engage the RDC and other key stakeholders as we work to enhance health care to the benefit of all in Region Two.

Yours faithfully,

Devanand Ramdatt

Regional Chairman

Region Two

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