Dear Editor,

I recently wrote a letter to your newspaper which you published under the heading  `Time for the Indigenous people to shake up the status quo’ in which I called on my Amerindian brothers and sisters to form their own party so as to empower themselves and have a say in the affairs of this country.

Editor, I was elated and jumping for joy when I read the Stabroek News on Tuesday June 19, 2018 under the headline ‘Shuman signals formation of indigenous peoples party for 2020 general elections” in which it was reported that Lenox Shuman has signaled his intention to form a new political party to contest the 2020 general elections. I am so happy that at last our indigenous people have decided to stand up and make their voices heard. As I have said in my letter it is time to shake up the status quo and with their 10% of the vote our indigenous people will be the kingmaker in the formation of any new government. So I want to applaud Lenox for taking this bold step to give his brothers and sisters a voice in this country and I do hope he will have the full support of his people. We are in for exciting times in the coming 2020 elections. Good luck Lenox.

Yours faithfully,

Imtiaz Baccus

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