Rose Hall deserves more of these lamps

Dear Editor,

The Township of Rose Hall might be Guyana’s smallest township but we are without doubt one of the fastest developing areas in the county. Rose Hall Town has developed into the commercial capital of Berbice and the busiest business centre. Every single day Monday to Saturday, our small town is visited by thousands of visitors from across Guyana.

I am very proud to be a resident of Rose Hall Town and it is with this in mind, that I make a plea to Ministers David Patterson and Annette Ferguson of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. Both Ministers are doing a great job but I must express my disappointment after I read in one of the daily newspapers that our township would only be getting thirty of the Light-Emitting Diode lamps donated by Japan while our sister township of New Amsterdam would be getting hundreds.

I would like to plead with the Ministers to consider raising the number to at least 100 to 150. This would allow most of our small township to be lit up and our residents can sleep and feel a little safer. I would also like to bring to the attention of the Ministry that the lights on the Main Public Road have been out of commission for several months due to a post falling down. Most of the major business places including three financial institutions are located on the public road which is now totally dark due to the non-functioning lamps. Please Ministers use your influence to get Guyana Power Light to repair the lamps.

Finally, I would like to urge the Ministers to visit our Township and have a firsthand look at the conditions of our streets. Most of them are in urgent need of repairs and are an embarrassment to residents. Our Township would be very grateful if some funding can be released to have some repairs undertaken as soon as possible. Ministers Patterson and Ferguson are known to be very pro-active and I look forward to their usual cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Hilbert Foster,



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