Carnival of crudity from this Anna Regina bar

Dear Editor,

A sports bar in the Anna Regina area has been harassing residents with loud music far into the morning.

With a name that rhymes with “hooters” it is no surprise that its offerings far exceed its benign exterior.

While its owner/operators seemingly hibernate during the day, residents are busy working. At nights when we need rest, peace and quiet these returnees unleash the terror on students, workers, the elderly, the sick and all and sundry.

When the police are called and they respond the noise eases a while and then the terror continues with loud laughter, loud expletives and loud foreign accents in a carnival of crudity.

The authorities need to make it mandatory for such places to limit their music to soundproof areas so that the ordinary citizen can enjoy their nights in peace and quiet.

Perhaps Human Services should also pay some attention to this place.

Yours faithfully,

P. Lall

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