Consular trip to Puerto Ordaz should not have been postponed

Dear Editor,

Why should the Consular trip to Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela [SN 2018-07-16] be postponed if was necessary? What kind of excuse is it that there is no flight? Of course there is no flight; that is part of the problem that made the trip necessary.

The British did not forge their empire (and shape us 83 000 sq. miles) by remaining in their comfortable offices. No, they would have found a way along the route that the thousands of Guyanese used. But we — we have to fund our Public Service heroes of the air conditioned office and similar transportation. And pay increased ministerial salaries of former soldiers to supervise the inactivity! It makes us wonder at the genuineness of their military services.

“We need to have a much more solid arrangement where Guyanese people can actually get the kind and quality service that they deserve …,” he said? So what are they waiting for? Get cracking, man.

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Bhulai   

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