Dear Editor,

We are so much embroiled with our domestic politics that we sometimes lose focus on some of the bigger issues playing out at the regional and international level.

Cuba, for instance, is moving towards a modernization of its political structures with the introduction of some significant constitutional and structural changes such as presidential term limits and the creation of the Office of a Prime Minister. These are indeed forwarding looking developments and speak to an evolving process of democratic renewal at the political and governance level.

Another significant development at the hemispheric level is the recent victory of the pro-labour government headed by Manuel Obrador in the recent Mexican elections. President-elect Obrador promised to stamp out corruption, revitalize the economy and create a more equitable society. He also promised significant cuts in salaries of those in the top echelons in the government hierarchy including his own presidential salary which other governments in the region, including Guyana, would do well to emulate.

Then there is the ongoing trade war involving the United States, China and western Europe. The IMF has already warned that the impact of this war could potentially slow down global economic growth and impact negatively on the economies of the countries involved.

At the political and diplomatic level, we are witnessing a new approach to diplomacy by President Trump which is not only unorthodox and unconventional but which is generating great unease among the United States allies in particular those in Western Europe and Canada. President Trump’s recent meetings with British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen during an official visit Britain has been highly criticized by the international media as a departure from the norms of civility and decorum.

It would appear that we have now entered a new era of diplomacy and international relations in which personalities rather than institutions and national interests are being emphasized.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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