Dangerous lamp posts on Levi Dam

Dear Editor,

I would appreciate if you can publish this picture so that the authorities can rectify this situation before life and property are affected.

Over three years now these lamp posts have been a hazard to persons traversing Levi Dam, Mount Sinai North, New Amsterdam, Berbice and after many complaints to GTT and GPL personnel and on many occasions having seen for themselves the situation we are told that “…..a report will be taken in and another team will fix soon…”

The contractor that planted new GPL posts and ran new lines assured that at the time they would straighten the poles…but never did accomplish this task.

The concrete fence will be broken should these posts fall, not to mention powered lines will be cut and endanger persons.

But of course, only then will GPL and GTT see it fit to mobilise and fix the damage at an enormous cost. And I will have to wait on the process and run around to get my fence fixed too.

The usual procrastination with the utilities in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Devindra Malhotra

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