Jan Mangal is doing a disservice to his former client

Dear Editor,

Jan Mangal is in the throes of a public catastrophic meltdown when it comes to his post consultancy communication with his most recent client, the Government of Guyana (GOG). Since his consultancy ended, Jan Mangal’s words concerning his former client have become an embarrassing public reality show with bad ratings starring Jan Mangal. In his constant media pieces, he airs various opinions on how the GOG should be handling the oil sector. The reality is that Jan Mangal is not the only oil industry person that the GOG has engaged. There are many other experts that the GOG has and will consult with, for the best implementation of the oil sector.

Mangal is merely a guy whose resume includes having the GOG as a former client and who has chosen the media to disseminate his opinions regarding his former client. If Mangal still wants to be heard, that is not the correct approach to engage the GOG. Mangal shows poor judgement. Jan Mangal has constructed his own opinion echo chamber from where he makes (yawn) boring baseless statements. Mangal is doing a disservice to his former client, the GOG. What he should be doing is writing the GOG with any constructive opinions he may have now that his tenure has ended. Guyanese everywhere from GT to Toronto to NYC and London are standing together in totally rejecting  Jan Mangal’s disastrous methodology of issuing opinions via the media.  The people of Guyana are interested in consultants who will choose best practices to communicate with our GOG especially after their tenure ends.

By contrast, the Ministry of the Presidency and the Government Resource sector have been intelligently and speedily building a professional world class team of experts to help Guyana develop the energy sector. The central focus is national development and benefit to the people of Guyana. Our government is keenly focused on growing our own oil conscious society where educating our young people will build the future energy experts and engineers that will help run the economy. 

Yours faithfully,

Alan Zaakir

PNCR Canada 

Central Toronto Chapter 

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