Speaker should have recused himself in the Gill matter

Dear Editor,

On July 30, the Speaker of the National Assembly, dropping all pretence of being fair decided that a case had been made out against MP Harry Gill. Gill’s ‘crime’? He wrote a letter in the newspaper showing great bias on the part of the Speaker.

In the first place, it is the Speaker who is making the charge against Mr. Gill. He, therefore, should have recused himself and given the chair to his deputy to decide if a case has been made out. He cannot sit and judge on such a case being personally involved in it.

On the other hand, Gill’s criticism of him was public not in the Chambers.  If he feels aggrieved he should take Gill to Court and not abuse his position in the Assembly to get at the Opposition Members. This is a blatant attempt to silence the Opposition’s criticism.

This, however, is a reflection of the growing intolerance to criticism by the regime.

On other matters, it is not too late for the regime to change course. After all, India has offered to help sugar. The regime’s own advertisement of Enmore Estate shows what great potential sugar has. It can still be reopened to halt the decline.

It will make good economic sense to pursue such as course.

The regime, instead of giving its friends and family duty-free concessions on luxury vehicles, should resume the PPP/C policy of giving concessions to producers, the farmers and miners.

These are not gifts to the producers this is encouraging expansion of economic activities which have great multiplier effects to increase wealth creation in our country.

PPP/C never handed out concessions whimsically, it was done after investors made practical investment.  Only then were the incentives accessed.

Help production in the real economy and stem the tide of shortages.

 Yours faithfully,

Donald Ramotar

Former President



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