Dr Bynoe is a proven professional

Dear Editor,

I see Dr Mark Bynoe has returned to continue his contribution to nation building. Dr Bynoe is a proven professional, unquestionable patriot, brilliant academic and a humble gentleman. In addition, he is highly respected by Guyana’s private sector. I recall him providing invaluable service to their umbrella organization some years ago. Many in the leadership of the Private Sector Commission lamented his departure.

Incidentally, I notice a gentleman from the legal fraternity whom I’m told like Mark,  a decent individual , is acknowledged with deference in several  quarters as an authority on oil and gas;  following a relatively  brief specialized exposure  to the discipline.

My simple understanding of management is; it’s a science which is artfully applied to achieve stated objectives.  I am confident Dr Bynoe will deliver to the satisfaction of his employer and stakeholders.

Yours faithfully,

Derrick Cummings

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