Sister Admi has left an ineradicable mark in the hearts of many Guyanese

Dear Editor,

Words are not enough to express gratitude to Sister Admirabilis Browne who has passed on to her heavenly abode. Sister Admi has left an ineradicable mark in the hearts of so many Guyanese. Likewise, I had the honour of experiencing her pleasant demeanour. We have been touched by sister in exceptional ways. Sister was born in 1924. She went to Sacred Heart School and St. Joseph’s School in Georgetown. Early education in these schools emulated her religious vocation to the Sisters of Mercy. After taking a job for a few years, she entered the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy in 1947 in Dallas, Pennsylvania. She pursued an MA in Mathematics from Fordham University. Her contribution towards education and the hospital has been outstanding. She was the administrator at Mercy Hospital in Georgetown for several years.  

 Her cheerfulness and love engulfed with a contagious smile is the hallmark of her life. Anyone who  met sister never left without being refreshed with a charming smile. She loved everyone in her own way since she believed in love of God and love of people. She preached and practiced her own saying ‘seeing happiness in others made you happy.’ This charming quality came from her relationship with God for she articulated, ‘listen to the inner voice of yourself where God speaks.’ Her approach towards the young people was to meet them from where they are, although sister belonged to the ‘typewriter’ era. There-fore, she is loved and missed by many young people. I personally admired her for her attentive ear towards my preaching in the Church even though she had a wealth of knowledge and spirituality. She has inspired me to remain humble because in humility we praise God. As we celebrate her life in gratitude, we imbibe the qualities of cheerfulness, love, humility and acceptance of changing world.

Yours faithfully,

Fr Jerri Dias SJ

Jesuits in Guyana

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