What the CoI said about pensionable age

Dear Editor,

The following is a response to enquiries about pensionable age as recommended by the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Public Service.

“Chapter 6: Retirement Age for Public Servants

Recommendations #64-69

64)   That the retirement age for new entrants into the Public Service, and those

       currently in the Public Service who are below 50 years, be retired on attaining 65

        years of age, with the option of retiring on attaining 60 years;

65)   That pension entitlements be calculated at a maximum of 43 and one-third

        service years;

66)   That Public Servants who are currently below 55 years of age, be allowed the

       option to retire on attaining 60 years or any time before 65 or on attaining 65

       years of age;

67)  That no person retiring from the Public Service before attaining the age of

       65 years should be employed on contract in an established Public Service


68)   That the Pensions Act Chapter 27:02 be amended as may be required to provide

         for higher pensions as the result of the higher retirement age;

69)    That consideration be given to increasing the monthly pensions of retired

         Public Officers, who are in receipt of the minimum pension, to a level which is

         equal to or closer to the Public Service minimum wage/salary.”

Incidentally it has been rumoured that one reason for the non-implementation of any of the above is the alleged objection from the Guyana Public Service Union to any age adjustment. Whether so or not it is important to emphasise that this has never been a negotiable condition of employment. Reference to 68) above would confirm that the disposition of pensions is subject to the relevant Act Cap. 27:02.

Hope the above information will be of use to interested public servants and their employers.

Yours faithfully,

E.B. John

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