This confounded nonsense of undisclosed donations must stop

Dear Editor,

How is it that persons and companies donate to sport organizations but choose not to divulge how much they are donating?

 I see it every day in the sports section of all local newspapers. A cheque is handed over but no one knows what is really being handed over. This is a double whammy for sports. Some people hand over pittances but the attention given makes it appear that they have given a jewel and a crown. This may serve as a deterrent to others who genuinely want to give more but believe that the association/promoter has already kicked a fat purse.

Why is it that sponsors don’t want to say what they give? Why call a press conference to say that you are giving but withhold the most important detail which is how much you are giving? The reason is because the public would laugh since a big fuss is being made about nothing. A newspaper’s duty is to give its readers the truth, the whole truth and nothing about the truth. Any newspaper failing to ask for and then not reporting on the amount being offered is aiding and abetting in the suppression of sport. This confounded nonsense must stop. 

Yours faithfully,

R. Trim 

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