Home team seems to be winning a disproportionate number of Test matches

Dear Editor,

It is often more important to pay careful attention than to be conventionally `bright’. Have cricket people been paying attention to the results of “test” matches in the last two or three years? The home team seems to be winning a disproportionate number of those games. Not enough is made of this fact. It would be surprising if it`s good for the game, although there may well be some cricket people who think it is.

Does anyone seriously believe the Sri Lankans are so much better than the South Africans, the New Zealanders than everybody else, the English than the Indians, or the West Indians than the Bangladeshi? The Indians must be already planning for the next English visit, but I would prefer if they simply do better in the next three matches.

I must be wrong, but it seems the only time I hear complaints about matches ending in 3 days is when Australia, England or India beat up on the West Indies. Do journalists bear some of the blame for the state of the game? I think so.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt


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