Questions about incident at East La Penitence Police Station

Dear Editor,

A letter entitled ‘Total fabrication’ in the Stabroek News of 10th August 2018 piqued my interest, it was a release by the Guyana Police Force’s Public Relations and Press Officer (PRO/PO), Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan refuting a report by online news organization Citizen’s Report with regards to claims of verbal abuse of a constable by Minister Annette Ferguson.

The PR/PO claimed to be in possession of a signed statement by the rank stating he (the rank) was never verbally abused or assaulted by the Minister in question. Given the recent behaviour by another APNU Minister, this is indeed welcome news, but then the Superintendent goes on to say “It therefore makes the publication by the online media entity a total fabrication, which may have legal consequences.”

Editor, one misstated or dubiously refuted fact hardly makes a story a “total fabrication”, for example an incident must have occurred involving the aforementioned rank.  This prompted me to visit the website to read the entire story. I now have questions I deem pertinent to the public interest for Superintendent Ramlakhan; was a motorbike without number plates impounded and its rider detained?; did Minister Ferguson visit the Police Station and request (in any manner) that the rider and motorbike be released?; did Minister Ferguson’s presence or advocacy in any way influence the release of anyone from police custody on the night in question?; do the logs at the East La Penitence Police Station reflect any reason for the Minister’s presence at the station on the night in question?

Editor, I will await answers to these questions for a suitable period, before further comment or action on this matter, but I will not let it die due to indifference over the abuse of ministerial power.

Yours faithfully,

Robin Singh

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