The four pillars of Granger’s doctrine revealed

Dear Editor,

Referring to the president’s speech on the eve of Emancipation. I believe that the president’s greatest strength as a leader is in the area of building strong families, strengthening religious faith, educating people, fighting for social cohesion and encouraging strong work ethics.

When I look at the president, I see a good example of one of the best and exemplary moral leaders in the Caribbean. I am delighted that the country has a man like Mr. David Granger for such a time as this.

For three years, I have been wanting to know Granger’s doctrine. The Granger doctrine refers to the various related local policy principles and in his speech, he clearly laid it out.  They are the four horsemen (Pillars). These four pillars are the keys to the “Good Life.” They are; (1) God (Church), (2) Family (Values) (3) Education (4) Hard Work (Farm).

Even though it seems like the president disappeared after the election, the speech clearly articulated that he has the pulse of the citizenry. He rightly and clearly articulated in the speech, the issues facing the country by pointing out the problems with alcoholism, idling, not wanting to work and educate themselves.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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