Is/was Sir Shridath Ramphal an adviser to JHI or Mid-Atlantic?

Dear Editor,

A question:  Is/was Sir Shridath Ramphal an adviser to JHI or  Mid-Atlantic (who are now Joint Venture partners with Exxon and Total in the Canje Block offshore Guyana) ? Is/was he associated with any oil company in Guyana? If so, did he disclose this to Cabinet or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and when?

Guyanese will be aware that Sir Shridath Ramphal advises the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Government on the border issue with Venezuela. 

Guyanese will recall that there was general consensus among Ministers not to release the Exxon contract (Stabroek Block) to the public prior to December 2017.

It is well known that oil companies do not like transparency and prefer for contracts to be kept secret from the people.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Jan Mangal

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