Marian Academy did very well at CAPE

Dear Editor,

The preliminary results from this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination indicate that the students of The Marian Academy did very well in 2017-18.  There was a combination of solid school performance, which was highlighted by some strong individual performances.

The institution recorded an impressive 100% pass rate (Grades 1-5) in fifteen out of eighteen subjects at Unit 1.  These subjects include: Applied Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Management of Business, and Physics, among others.  There was an equivalent 100% pass rate in eight out eleven subjects at the Unit 2 level this academic year.  Subjects with a perfect pass rate include: Accounting, Applied Mathematics, Law, Pure Mathematics, and Physics.  From a school perspective this is very encouraging and positions once again to maintain, build upon, and even surpass going into the upcoming academic year.

At the individual Unit 1 level, Farah Chin did superbly with Grade 1s in all six science focused subjects for which she read; Khalid Gobin was close behind with an outstanding six of six subjects passed also in the science stream, while registering 5 Grade 1s and 1 Grade 2; Daniel Brazao came in with six out of six subjects in a Business concentration, while scoring three Grade 1s and three Grade 2s; and Nadine Chan-a-Sue followed closely with four of four subjects passed in a Business portfolio, while notching three Grade 1s and one Grade 2.  These first year CAPE students continued to display remarkable prowess in their now more refined academic pursuits; single-minded commitment and careful prioritization contribute heavily to their success.  I am sure that their families and friends will bask in these stellar achievements and give thanks and praise where such is due.

At the level of Unit 2, Poorendra Ramlall and Anu-Oluwapo Oyeyipo continued the good work with solid results in their choice of subjects.  When looked at from a broad, macro perspective, Marian Academy and its students have much to be thankful for and to cheer.  Lots of determined effort and consistent attention to depth and detail were brought to bear by students, parents, teachers, and a supportive surrounding cast, and to which the fruits of those labours now speak powerfully.  Teamwork, unflagging energy, and clear visions all played meaningful parts.  The application and dedication of a handful of students, who shall remain unnamed are of particular note.  There were circumstances under which they operated that can only be described as demanding and would have been extremely testing for older, mature adults; and yet these youngsters rose to the challenge of the occasion.  It was a struggle for another who somehow managed to stay the course and do well in spite of demands that would have made lesser ones wilt.  This is most encouraging and a tribute to the will of some individuals and the keen desire to overcome and excel. As I look back, there is awe at the resilience of the spirit and the hunger for learning and doing good by a good many.  It has been a learning experience.

Some of these same students will now depart to face the trials and joys of university, career positioning, and the world of work and family later sometimes locally, other times in far off climes.  Before we know it, they will be ready to take their places and make their marks as citizens; constructive and involved citizens while serving country and God honourably and on a steadfastly principled basis.  We wish them well, as there is looking forward to the passing of the guard.  As for those who continue on towards their final year at Marian, they are exhorted to bring the same single-minded focus to study and visions, so as to extract every ounce of potential within to prepare themselves for the future and whatever it holds.  To God be the glory and in him the confidence that more success will follow.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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