Benches on the seawall were uprooted, they must be replaced

Dear Editor,

I wish to register an observation I made on the Georgetown seawall opposite the Police Headquarters in Eve Leary, Kingston, Georgetown.

All of the benches on the eastern side of the seawall were uprooted from their anchors by the vendors who use them to ply their trade by storing their goods, etc and even sleep on them in the nights. Those benches were installed there for the benefit of persons who wish to go, sit and relax/enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

This is tantamount to lawlessness to the highest extent.

I want to think it is the responsibility of either the Ministry of Public Infrastructure or the Sea Defence Board to see to it that these benches are re-installed in their rightful positions and give notice that anyone found removing these benches will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

The lawlessness continues because on Saturdays and Sundays a shed is set up just by the entrance of the western steps and they sell “hard liquor” in the presence and full view of young children. This shed was recently removed and is now in full view on the eastern side of the seawall. My question is what is the Guyana Revenue Authority doing about this, the bandstand is no longer a decent place to go because it is fully occupied by vagrants who also commit crimes in full view of the police headquarters at Eve Leary.

I am 78 years of age and I enjoyed in the past sitting on a bench enjoying the fresh sea breeze, I cannot any longer do this because there are no benches on the eastern side of the seawall to sit on.

If this lawlessness is not corrected now we should forever hold our peace and do not speak of tourism for Guyana as tourists visit the seawall as well.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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