Offending bus drivers must be made to feel full weight of the law

Dear Editor,

The ‘minibus mania’ is obviously a danger to our use of the roads. A great many of these bus drivers show complete disregard for human life.

Their only deep concern is making extra money. They are always speeding recklessly, stopping anywhere along the road and overloading, thus openly violating the traffic regulations.

I rather suspect a large number of our drivers do not have a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code. Even if they do, such knowledge is not transformed into practice.

The Police Traffic Department, with its meagre resources, is trying its best to cope with the number of accidents taking place every day. Consequently, the police cannot monitor the movement of traffic everywhere. To my mind, road safety education or lectures does not seem to bear fruit any longer.

Besides, there are too many fatal or serious accidents occurring on our roads. Some degree of mutual understanding between the police and the travelling public ought to exist continuously. Every so often gross indiscipline and discourtesy are exhibited by most of these drivers, thus adding to the aggravating situation.

Life is too transient and precious to lose. We all cannot afford this. Ultimately, these offending drivers must be made to feel almost the full weight of the law by paying heavy fines or serving some period of imprisonment according to the nature of offence committed.

Yours faithfully,

Autry A Fernandes

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