Region Two in the dark over power problems

Dear Editor,

The poor service of GPL continues as the residents of Region Two have been affected for over two weeks by frequent power outages.

It is only fair that the Government of Guyana provide honest answers to my people of Region Two on the following:

1) The present state of affairs with GPL, Anna Regina.

2) When will Region Two have reliable power supply since the much talked about installation of new generators  is a project that is way behind schedule.

3. Why are thousands of gallons of sludge, a fire and environmental  hazard,  stored in its Anna Regina Power Plant compound and not properly disposed of? A disaster waiting to erupt.

The inaccurate advisory notices provided by GPL are rapidly reducing public confidence since residents are complaining that these notices do not reflect the actual situation and there are longer hours of blackout when compared to the GPL Advisories.

One of my major concerns is that while the Region Two economy is struggling, several customers of GPL;  both commercial and residential have reported damage to electrical appliances and food items. Gas stations and supermarkets are already hit.

We are also deeply affected by the other utility services; namely GTT and GWI along with internet services, they are all heavily dependent on power. 

Further, our region is having numerous visitors at this time, the RDC is pushing for tourism development. It is quite unfortunate that GPL has not been proactive and supportive to this sector, a sector with tremendous potential while other sectors of my region are crumbling.

On the positive side; the dedicated efforts of Mr. Michael Haley, the Diesel Generation Engineer at the GPL Power Plant, Anna Regina must be openly recognised. 

However, as we approach our 53rd Independence Anniversary; we the people of Region Two deserve urgent and honest answers from the Government; a Government that has gone into silence while we are left in the dark.

Yours faithfully,

Devanand Ramdatt 

Regional Chairman 

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