Dear Editor,

Like ah seh before: de women tekkin ovah.  Don’t ask me why but I have always had a soft spot for Lady Volda.

Now being the visionary that I am, I can see a straight path to the big house.  Yuh kno wah ah mean: de health of the entire nation.  I was thinking that the big man would not be coming back, but I can see a little grooming period.  Dat man is one strategic thinker.  Move over brothers (Basil and Joe).  Lawrence for leader?  Of the nation?  Naturally, this gives legs (no sexism intended) to Gail and Vindhya from the other side.  I like the idea of ladies watching over the oil business.  And me, too; I could use that chaperoning.  After all, the world has had Merkel, May, and Mottley.  Why not Volda?

Personally, I have shared space with the Chairperson (excuse me, Chairwoman) once.  Like Jacqueline Susann said, once is enough.  I think she is going bigger places: the ultimate.  I hope she remembers me and these subtle marketing ploys on her behalf.  Let me see: I would settle for Minister without Portfolio.  That way, I could make much mischief; or weave a tangled web.  As that singer said: please consider me.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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